Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

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Cosmetic surgery is a big business in the UK. In 2013 statistics show that over 50,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on Brits and that figure is predicted to rise in 2014. The most popular surgical procedures include breast augmentation and tummy tucks. While most procedures are performed successfully and without any problems, there are times when they go wrong and this could seriously affect the patients involved.

Surgeons are required to a certain level of care. When that level care falls below par and an error is made causing an injury to someone a claim for compensation could be made. A patient could sustain many injuries if a mistake is made during their surgery. Common problems patients face include infections, damage to the nerves, deformities, poor scaring, loss of sensation or loss of muscle control. These problems can also lead to the patient suffering from psychological problems such as sleeping problems, anxiety and depression.

Claim compensation for cosmetic surgery negligence

Our solicitors can help you claim compensation against a cosmetic surgeon who has been negligent. They will treat your case confidentially and with care. Our solicitors have over 20 years experience in dealing with cosmetic surgery negligence claims and do so on a “No win No fee basis”*. Meaning that if your claim is not successful you do not pay for the work your solicitor has done.

Our solicitors have claimed back thousands of pounds in compensation for patients who suffered from cosmetic surgery negligence. Our solicitors will do all they can to ensure you win the maximum compensation amount you are entitled to. Along with your injury you can claim compensation for any financial losses you may have because of the accident. These could include, medication costs, transportation costs to and from medical appointments and loss of earnings if you have had to take time off of work.

The compensation amount you could receive very much varies from case to case. There are a lot of things to take in to consideration when calculating how much a injury could be worth. These include, the type of injury sustained, the amount of pain suffered – this can be emotional or physical and disfigurement.

Below are some examples of compensation payouts for different injuries.

Facial Scarring (Female) – Between £1,375 and £78,656

Facial Scarring (Male) – Between £1,375 and £53,075

Psychiatric damage – Between £1,238 and £93,500

Eye injury – Between £1,782 and £217,250

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